• City Convention Centre

    The building offers the following areas: “Assembly Room”, “El Sardinero Room” and “Bahía Room”

  • El Sardinero Room

    With a usable surface area of 2,660 m²

  • Bahía Room

    Has a usable surface area of 2.450m²

  • Assembly Room

    With capacity for 275 pax

The Municipal Exhibition Palace completed the facilities currently offered by the capital of Cantabria, providing our city with premises that can host all kinds of exhibitions.

The pavilion voers an area of 9.641,89 m2, of which 6.420,29 m2 are devote to exhibit space, divided into two superimposed spaces.

The first of those spaces, known as “El Sardinero Room“, which is an especially spacious area, due to the distinctive structural distribution of the roof. The result of that configuration is a multi-hued hall that makes it easy to create different exhibit ambiances, and it can also be subdivided by using curtains that move along rails.

On the other hand, the lower level, called “Bahía Room” is lit through a an English-style garden courtyard that creates an expansion area for this level. This area es a more walled-in, horizontal space, and can be devoted to exhibitions or to hold activities or workshops. It can be divided into compartments by using mobile acoustic panels (up to 11 rooms measuring 100 m2 each).

Other outstanding areas of the Palace are the entrace hall with an information boot, the cafeteria, a catering kitchen equipped with ovens, hot holding cabinets, and a washing-up unit, a classroom (28 pax), a meeting room (14 pax), or its skyline is a metaphor of Cantabria’s landscape and climate, while a small mountain permits rainwater to fall towards the pond that presides the entrance to the complex.


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